Orange Rose Corp Construction Services


Outpost Construction, Deconstruction and Moving
Orange Rose Corp is the proud owner of the CNOU Pioneer 'De Admirael'. This 200 meter long vessel will make it possible for us to construct new outposts, deconstruct old ones and even move outposts to other locations.*
It is a costly business, but one that is very much worth it. Remember that not only the De Admirael will be used, but multiple different ORO divisions and ships will have a duty in this difficult process. Like ground and air defence to guarantee safety for example, and our Hulls for extra material transport. They will all be involved and will require manpower. The end result will be one that will please you and/or your organisation. For this reason prices will depend on individual factors.
*All the resources and materials required for the end result must be purchased and delivered by the client before construction is started. Orange Rose Corp will not accept construction contracts that take place outside of protected UEE territory. After satisfactory on both sides, the contract will be completed and signed off and will not hold any insurances of any kind.