Orange Rose Corp Minesweeping Services


Scan, Disarm and Clear
Orange Rose Corp is the proud owner of the Aegis Nautilus 'Blauwduif'. This sturdy vessel will make it possible for us to make the 'Verse a safer place again by scanning for, and sweeping mines and drones.*
It is a costly business, but one that is very much worth it. Remember that the Nautilus is a big ship that requires a lot of crew. But not only the the Blauwduif will be used, but multiple different ORO divisions and ships will have a duty in this difficult process. Like air defence to guarantee safety for example. They will all be involved and will require manpower. The end result will be one that will please you and/or your organisation. For this reason prices will depend on individual factors.
*Orange Rose Corp will not accept contracts that take place outside of protected UEE territory. Contracts that will destabilise a region in a negative way will be possibly rejected. Orange Rose Corp will avoid any participation in a non officially UEE sanctioned struggle between parties. After satisfactory on both sides, the contract will be completed and signed off and will not hold any insurances of any kind.